Collabspace Transforms Information Governance in the Cloud

Manage GDPR & FOI Requests in a Flash

Gone are days of wondering if you’ve compiled all the documents you need. With deep and expansive search and export functionality, Collabspace finds what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time you’re used to. 

  • Freedom of Information and GDPR requests are streamlined and completed with accuracy.
  • Dig deeper and take advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to find relevant content in images and PDFs while audio/video files are automatically transcribed to be searchable.
  • Alleviate manual workload and multiple checks with automation.
  • Track all information requests with rules-based retention conditions compliant with your policies.
  • Automatically detect duplicates and export files individually or in bulk as zip files, when required.
  • Archive enterprise content using fortified Collabspace WORM Storage.
 Collabspace Product Diagram - audit, OCR, Transcription, WORM Storage, eDiscovery, GDPR, FOI

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Collabspace Features


Collabspace Features

Your content re-imagined. Now easily searchable, secure, and available on any device in English and French.

 Unified Multi-platform Search

Unified Search

Search and compile all your files anytime from any device into one view with advanced filtering for accuracy.

 OCR for images and PDFs

Search Images & PDF with OCR

Automatic OCR (optical character recognition) and text extraction from traditionally non-text-searchable documents.

 automatic transcription of Audio and video files

Search Audio & Video Transcriptions

Go beyond titles and metadata to search complete audio content.

 Multi-lingual support


Search and find in both English and French.

 Search across multiple applications

Multi-platform Search

Search SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and OneDrive with more to come.

 multi-jurisdictional data residency


Achieve data residency and sovereignty compliance with global data centers.

 Export files in Bulk from Office 365

Export in Bulk

Easily export content for eDiscovery, FOI, and GDPR processing.

 Secure and regulatory compliant archive and backup

Compliant Archive & Backup

We store your inactive documents to free up your space but they are always available and searchable.

 Security built-in & ransomware proof

Security Built-in

Be ransomware-proof with WORM storage protection that ensures files are not modified and cannot be tampered with.

Coming Soon to Collabspace

  • Topic & Keyword Extraction
  • Automated Tagging & Classification
  • Duplicate & Source Document Identification
  • File System Connector with Office 365 Migration Support
  • Case Management
  • Lifecycle Workflow
  • Electronic & Physical Records Management
  • Additional Regional Data Centers